Praise & worship

Join us every Sunday at 10:00 am to praise God and worship together to come closer to Him.

Plan Your Visit

Come to the church on Sunday to pray and visit the church. Pre-book your seat for the day.

Join A Group

Find the most compelling group for you to share your experience with people and come closer to God.

about us

Find Your Inner Peace Through Spiritual Service

We believe that our world has never been so connected and the Gospel will be readily accessible for everyone as we appear online. We invite people to come under the umbrella of one God, Jesus Christ; and connect with Him through their souls. Be the disciple of Jesus Christ and join us any time you want.


Our Noble Services

Morning prayer

We arrange our everyday morning prayer and serve God’s guests in the church.

Sunday Services

Our Sunday services include a fun, giving and life-saving environment with prayer in peace.

Christian Wedding

We let you arrange Christian weddings in our premises as you like based on pre-booking.

Social Work

We organize social work and take regular donations to smoothly conduct it.


We arrange a spiritual funeral program for all the Christian souls and a well-maintained cemetery.


We arrange a child baptism ceremony every week to bring our children near to God.


Church Pastors

Paul Calvin

Lead Pastor

Paul Calvin worked as a social worker and geologist. His devotion to God made him come to this path.

Benjamin Keach


Benjamin Keach was a physicist who decided to become a pastor in our church and serve the community and God.

Paolo Segneri


Paolo Segneri was also a social worker who served humanity for a long time. He became our pastor to start serving God.

Tobia Lionelli


Tobia Lionelli was a teacher who started learning about Jesus Christ and decided to serve as a pastor.


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